Apr 28

Workout of the Day – 28/04/16


Pink Ladies Vanessa & Cyn powering through their 150m rows tonight!

[A] Tabata Plank Hold

[B] E5MO5M for 20 minutes:
Row 150m
15 Toes to Bar
Row 150m
15 Dumbbell Thrusters (heavy)
Row 150m


Apr 27

Workout of the Day – 27/04/16

The Metabolic Measures van will be back at Cooee this Saturday, 30 April, 7:00 – 9:00am for DEXA scans to determine your true body composition. Pre-book at www.metabolicmeasures.com.au or on the day.

[A] 5 x 10 Russian Deadlifts

[B] 5 Rounds for time:
10 Ring Push Ups
10 Burpee Box jumps
10 Kettlebell Swing to High Pulls

[C] Tabata Hollow Body


Apr 26

Workout of the Day – 26/04/16

Power Snatch

James looking strong overhead in his power snatches tonight

[A] 5-5-5 Front Squats

[B] For time:
Power Snatch (25/35kg)
Wall Balls (14/20lb)


Apr 23

Saturday Workout – 23/04/16

Box Jumps

Shari from Karratha joined us for the morning’s workout – a box jumping rose between Ben & Paul! ; )

Masters League 16.1:
3 min AMRAP:
6 Pull Ups (Ring Rows, Scaled)
6 box jumps (20/24″)
1 min find 1RM Clusters
4 min AMRAP:
8 Pull Ups
8 Box Jumps
1 min Find 2RM Clusters (touch & go)
5 min AMRAP:
10 Pull Ups
10 Box Jumps
1 min Find 3RM Clusters (touch & go)

SCORE = Total reps on AMRAPs + successful kg lifted
eg, 3RM @ 60kg means 60 points not 180 points.


Apr 22

Workout of the Day – 22/04/16

Wall Balls

5 weeks to go until baby Nelson arrives and Tavia’s still wall-balling like a champ!

[A] Split Jerks from the rack

[B] 5 Rounds for time:
10 Pull Ups
20 Wall Balls
30 Air Squats


Apr 21

Workout of the Day – 21/04/16


This dynamic mother-daughter duo was back at it again today! (note: pic from last week)

[A] 500m Row Time Trial

[B] For Time:
Row 250m-200m-150m-100m-50m-100m-150m-200m-250m
Box Jumps 25-20-15-10-5-10-15-20-25


Apr 20

Workout of the Day – 20/04/16

Kettlebell Swings

Paul showing the kettlebell who’s the boss!

[A] L-Sit, Knees High, Front support holds on rings, 10 sec on 20 sec off

[B] 5 Rounds for time:
10 Ring Rows
250m Run
20 Kettlebell Swings (16/24kg)
250m Run


Apr 19

Workout of the Day – 19/04/16

Squat Cleans

Every minute on the minute: 4 burpee bar hops and 4 squat cleans

[A] Work up to Heavy Squat Clean

[B] 5 min EMOM of:
4 Burpees over the bar
4 Squat Cleans @ 75%-80% of [A]

[C] 5 min AMRAP:
4 Burpees over bar
4 Squat Cleans @ 75%-80% of [A]


Apr 18

Workout of the Day – 18/04/16

Hollow Body Holds

Getting all pointy-toed as we enter into our 3-week phase of gymnastics focus

[A] 5-5-5-5-5 Weighted Pull Ups or Negatives

[B] 10 min AMRAP:
10 x Toes to bar
10 x Push Ups
10 x Air Squats

[C] Tabata Hollow Body

Apr 16

Saturday Workout – 16/04/16 – Linda

Bench Press

Benching for Linda

CrossFit Benchmark “Linda”:
Clean @ 0.75 x body weight
Bench Press @ body weight
Deadlift @ 1.5 x body weight


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